Diane Lane

The Religion and Political Views of Diane Lane



Lane appears to be more spiritual than religious, despite her Pentecostal background.

Political Views

She's a liberal Democrat, but is mostly non-political.


Diane Lane was born and mostly raised in New York City.

Lane's maternal grandmother was a Pentecostal preacher, and apparently Lane enjoyed the theatrics of her sermons.[1] But there's no indication that the actress considers herself a member of that church now. In fact, there's not even any indication that she considers herself a Christian.

She gives us a few clues that she might still be spiritual, but that's all. Talking about the self-confidence and adrenaline involved in theater work, she said, "Courage is fear that said its prayers."[2] And then speaking of the theater again in another interview she said,

It demands so much focus and intention, and not a little prayer! Like they say, there's no atheists on turbulent airplanes — believe me, there's not very many in the theater either.[3]

Okay, so she's not an atheist. But then, at a moment when most faithful would say God's hand was in play, she chose not to invoke religion. A few months after her father, a former taxi driver, died, she went to record an interview with Charlie Rose, whom her father greatly admired. As she pulled up in front of the studio, she saw a taxi pull away–it had the same number as her father's old cab. She said about the experience:

Thinking of it. . . filled [me] with a kind of faith that has nothing to do with religion or awe over mathematical probabilities. It has to do with my father still being with me, supporting me, slapping me on the back.[4]

She continued, not by saying that she felt like her father was communicating with her from up in heaven, but from right by her side. She said,

I believe that when people die, their love, energy and goodwill can stay with us. That faith is wonderfully comforting.[5]

To me, all signs point to spiritual, but not formally religious. If you know (or would guess) any different, let us know in the comments!

A mostly quiet liberal

Diane Lane is a Democrat, or so says her money. Of her two financial contributions to the political landscape, the first was to a Democratic candidate and the second–made the day after Barack Obama's first presidential inauguration–was to MoveOn.org, a liberal political action organization.[6]

Aside from that, there's not too much else with go on. I guess she's cool with gay people since she said she was "delighted to hear" she has a gay fan base.[7] But that's hardly an endorsement of gay marriage. She's also involved with a couple of charities focused on environmentalism and sustainability.[8]

But in the end, Lane is mostly non-political.

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