Diggy Simmons

The Religion and Political Views of Diggy Simmons



Simmons is a Christian and the son of a minister.

Political Views

Simmons hasn't expressed any party loyalties, but some evidence suggests Democratic leanings.


Diggy Simmons, whose real name is Daniel Simmons, was born in Queens, New York.

Simmons is the son of rap pioneer Joseph Simmons, more popularly known as Run from Run DMC, but now more frequently referred to as Reverend Run. Simmons father is now an ordained minister in the Christian Zoe Ministries–a seemingly Evangelical denomination.[1] Safe to say, little Diggy grew up quite devout. And he seems to have stuck to his roots so far, saying:

I grew up in church listening to gospel music… it's because of God I am as far as I am now.[2]

Diggy's faith comes through in his raps as well–which he consciously keeps "PG." For example:

Still God fearin' / filled with the Holy Spirit / so I'ma fly like an angel / and none of ya'll even near it.[3]

Simmons is still quite young, and a relatively fresh face in hip hop despite his father's reputation. There might be significant religious changes as he grows and matures. If you're aware, keep us posted in the comments.

Premature politics

Again, Diggy is young–too young to vote. Still, interviewers have asked him about his political positions, especially in light of the 2012 election season. He remained diplomatic, espousing the importance of "getting out there" and voting, not giving us any explicit clues as to who he might favor. But the subtext of his replies to political questions might indicate that if he were old enough, he'd be an Obama supporter. If nothing else, he's sympathetic to Obama. He said:

We may just go along with our lives and not think about the president and what he does and all of these decisions when it comes down to healthcare… so if they [my listeners] are voting, it's going toward their future and their life… so it's important for every single person to vote, its important for their life.[4]

Look out 2016, the Dems may have Diggy's vote!

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