Keyshia Cole

The Religion and Political Views of Keyshia Cole



Cole is a devout Christian.

Political Views

Cole is probably a Democrat, but it's hard to say. She's largely non-political.


Keyshia Cole, born Keyshia Cole Gibson, was born and raised in Oakland, California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cole is a Christian, and appears to be quite devout. It would seem she is an evangelical Presbyterian. While she hasn't spoken much about the details of her religious upbringing, there is a story of her attending the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California–an evangelical Presbyterian church,[1] where she was invited to sing during services and had a terrible time. Her behind was inadvertently exposed to the choir and she was unable to sing on key… unfortunate indeed, but for our purposes, she was in church.[2]

Cole has made it clear that faith in God is important to her–even when it comes to her work relationships. When asked what she looks for in a career manager, she replied:

[I look] for loyalty. I also looked for a God-fearing person. In any relationship that I have, from family to getting married or my friends—anybody that is in my life, I look for loyal and God-fearing people.[3]

Furthermore, Cole occasionally tweets semi-religious messages to her fans, such as:

Thank U God 4 allowing another Blessed day on this earth![4]

Plus, Cole has labeled herself on her Twitter description a "Mother, Wife and child of GOD…" ((Keyshia Cole Gibson (KeyshiaCole) on Twitter. Twitter.)) I think it's safe to call her a devoted Christian.

NW Obama

Cole seems to be quite close to non-political. She has participated in celebrity-saturated "voter encouragement" campaigns, where Cole and some of her entertainment business cohorts tell people how important it is to vote.[5]

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say her vote went to Obama. She tweeted two days before the 2012 elections:

NW Barack Obama speak.[6]

It's hard to decipher, and it doesn't seem like an explicit endorsement. Maybe I'm out of touch, but I don't know what "NW" refers to. I did some research, and my best guess is "No Worries."[7] But "No Worries Barack Obama speak" still borders on meaningless, unless it means that there's nothing to worry about, Obama is going to take to the mic and straighten everything out…. What do y'all think?

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