Dita Von Teese

The Religion and Political Views of Dita Von Teese



Von Teese is totally non-religious.

Political Views

Von Teese is a liberal Democrat.


Dita Von Teese, whose was born Heather Renée Sweet, was born in Rochester, Michigan and grew up in Orange County, California.

There is no information regarding Von Teese's religious views. It would even be difficult to deduce anything from her place of origin given that the Detroit Metro area, where she was born, is quite diverse and even significantly less religious as a whole than the U.S.[1]

Von Teese is one quarter Armenian, however her Armenian grandmother was adopted[2] so it is unlikely that even she was influenced by the Armenian Orthodox religion.

However, Von Teese's only marriage to date was to Marilyn Manson, a card-carrying, ordained reverend in the Church of Satan.[3] They had two wedding ceremonies, though, and both were totally non-religious.[4]

So that's the skinny, folks. Nothing religious whatsoever about this fancy queen of burlesque, except that she doesn't discriminate against Satanists, which is a bit of a statement all its own.

Sexy old school politics

Von Teese appears to side, at least to some extent, with liberals and Democrats.

First of all, she's a PETA spokesperson, helping the animal rights organization with a campaign to encourage pet owners to spay/neuter their pets. However, Von Teese was upfront with PETA that she wouldn't be parting with some of her prized vintage furs–which they begrudgingly accepted.[5]

During the 2012 election, Von Teese kept fans up-to-date on her Twitter feed, saying things like "Proud to be from Michigan" (Michigan went blue in 2012) and, after the results came in for Obama, she tweeted "Nicely done, America."[6]

Von Teese probably sympathizes with the gay community considering she's had several lesbian encounters including a serious relationship with a woman when she was in her 20s.[7]

And in response to criticisms that she's "anti-feminist," she said:

I don't do my job for men, I do it because I love the make-up, the costumes and the history of showgirls.[8]

So… Democrat supporting, occasional lesbian, anti-anti-feminist, animal rights "activist." Need I say more?

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