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The Religion and Political Views of Cameron Diaz



Diaz' religion is apparently surfing.

Political Views

Diaz is a rank and file Hollywood liberal Democrat.


Cameron Diaz was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Long Beach, California.

In terms of conventional, mainstream religion, there's not much to go on from Cameron Diaz. She is of Cuban descent, meaning there's certainly a Catholic heritage there. She strongly identifies as a Latin American, saying:

My Latin roots are very strong… Being Latin is part of who I am and I bring that part to every role.[1]

But when Diaz claims that "there are too many people in the world" and defends a woman's right to have abortions, she angers Catholics[2] and reveals that she is by no means devout in the religion of her ancestors.

Diaz' true spirituality lies in the waves and the motion in the ocean. She said:

I love [surfing] now though. It's very spiritual for me. It's like being directly in touch with God. It's so healing and amazing.[3]

If surfing connects you to God, then there must be a God, which means Diaz isn't an atheist. What would you call her religion? Surfology?

Stereotypical Hollywood politics

Diaz has always been politically outspoken, supporting Democrats and causes associated with liberal ideology. In 2000, Diaz wore a t-shirt in support of Democrat Al Gore's presidential campaign. The shirt read: "I won't vote for a son of a Bush!"[4] She also wrote a lengthy editorial outlining her positions against Republicans, expressing concern over environmental issues, women's rights, education, and the "big picture." ((Cameron Diaz on Bush and the 2000 Election. Liberal Artists.))

If that wasn't enough, when Obama fever swept the globe in 2008, Diaz really came out of her shell, making her first and only political donation of a whopping $26,200 to Obama's campaign.[5] Then, even after he had been elected, Diaz joined a slew of other left-wing celebrities in a creepy video where they pledge to be a "servant" of Obama.

In the funny category, Diaz snubbed the entire Fox news organization (well-known for its conservative leanings) at a red carpet event where she said, when asked for a comment from a Fox News journalist:

Oh no, I don't do Fox News.[6]

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