Drew Brees

The Religion and Political Views of Drew Brees



Brees is very religious, very Christian. His testimony indicates that he adheres to the Evangelical or born-again variety of Christianity.

Political Views

Brees is interested in politics and has expressed frustration with partisan squabbles. But when it comes down to it, he's probably a Republican--and a conservative at that.


Andrew Brees was born in Dallas, Texas.

Though Brees isn't shy about talking about his Christian faith, he feels that "Actions speak louder than words ever could," and he means it. Brees is active in numerous charities and foundations from Hurricane Katrina recovery projects[1] to donating some of his endorsement money to charity.[2] All of this has garnered a reputation as one of America's most generous and caring celebrities and the residents of his current hometown of New Orleans have given him the nickname of "Breesus."[3] (One might assume that Brees would consider that blasphemous given his level of devotion to his religion.)

Brees considers his children a "gift from God" and has said that his injury during his time playing for the San Diego Chargers–which got him sent to New Orleans–was the "best thing that ever happened" to him and was part of God's plan.[4]

But Brees has never mentioned which denomination he adheres to, but based on this quote, it is evident that it is some kind of Evangelical or born-again Christianity:

I first really accepted Jesus Christ in my heart on my 17th birthday… [the pastor said] God is out there and he's looking for a few good men, and all the sudden the light bulb went off in my head and I was like: 'Hey, that's me. I can be one of those few good men.'[5]

Saintly politics

Brees has expressed an interest in politics, and seems open to one day running for office. He said:

Politics fascinates me, I find it very interesting. I guess, when you look at all the issues and certainly in the current economic times, at times you hate to see both parties going at each other like they do. You feel at times, man this is counter-productive, why can't we just stick to the issues? Why can't we just work to resolve some of the problems that our country has and the rest of the global economy has and [focus on] ways that we can help?[6]

The big question at that point was: "Which party?"

This is still up for debate, but the Young Turks think it's probably Republican.[7] I tend to agree. The only thing that might indicate otherwise is the fact that Brees is an Obama appointee. The president designated Brees as a co-chairman of his Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.[8]

However, due to his religiosity, Brees is likely conservative–at least socially. The biggest piece of evidence that he would support the Republican ideology is the fact that he visited Guantanamo Bay Prison with the USO and came back in support of it, saying:

After that experience I will say this, the worst thing we can do is shut that base down for a lot of reasons. There is a big misconception on how we are treating those prisoners, those detainees over there. It is…they are being treated 10 times better than any prisoner, than any US prisoner.[9]

What?! I don't think prisoner treatment is the real issue here, Breesus.

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