Eli Manning

The Religion and Political Views of Eli Manning


Eli Manning, full name Elisha Nelson Manning, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It is well documented that the Manning family is quite religious. But while it is known that his older brother–also famous quarterback–Peyton Manning is a devout Christian, Eli doesn't seem to be carrying that torch–or maybe he is just more quiet about it.

Eli has talked about how his family went to church every Sunday,[1] but unlike his brother, he hasn't publicly professed his faith. Though he was spotted in a Nashville Methodist Church one Easter Sunday.[2]

Gridiron politics

Manning has kept pretty private about his political preferences as well. It is speculated that, like the rest of his family, he's a Republican.[3] But strangely, in an utterly ridiculous poll, surveyors found that Tim Tebow is the Republicans' favorite quarterback (not surprising) and Eli Manning is the favorite among Democrats.[4]

I would probably agree with speculators that Manning is Republican. He did, after all, follow the family tradition into football stardom. Why would he break with them politically?

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