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10 May 2022


On her Instagram

Do you want to keep abortion safe and legal in the US? Join a protest. Use your vote. Donate. Here are some organizations doing incredible work to secure reproductive rights that you could consider supporting. Abortion is currently still legal in the US, so in case you need to access abortion services yourself, we have also included some resources that can help you. @service95

Climate Change

Climate Change Activist

23 Sep 2021


Dua Lipa signed an open letter asking Congress to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better Bill.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

28 Jul 2021


In her Instagram story, expressing her view on DaBaby’s HIV comments

I’m surprised and horrified at DaBaby’s comments. I really don’t recognize this as the person I worked with. I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LGBTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV and Aids.


Supports Universal Healthcare

12 May 2021


In her Brit Awards acceptance speech

And so I think what we should do is we should all give a massive massive round of applause and give Boris a message that we all support a fair pay rise for our frontline.

Women's Rights

Supports Sex Workers

14 Jan 2021


In an interview with Rolling Stone

I just feel like, if you’re a feminist, you have to also support women in all fields of work. […] We have to support sex workers, we have to believe that that [work] is their choice and their right. It seems quite hypocritical, I think, people picking and choosing as to how they want to support women and when it suits them. That’s another form of misogyny, which really derives from the male gaze.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

3 Dec 2020


At the Attitude Awards

Some of us have been fortunate to spend some precious time with loved ones but for some in the LGBTQ community the impact has been much more profound. That might be the case for young people who are getting to grips with their sexuality and making life-changing decisions about when and how to come out. A lot of my LGBTQ friends have talked to me about what a vulnerable time this was for them and how they relied on the support of their friends to get them through which was particularly important if they didn’t feel like they had the support at home.

Kosovo Independence

Supports Kosovo Independence

3 Dec 2020


In an interview with Billboard

[…] misinterpreted by [some] who promote ethnic separatism, which I completely reject. Because of my parents and their background, I feel like I’ve always been quite outspoken. It does come and bite me in the arse a lot of the time, because people just go, ‘OK, you’re a singer, what do you know?’ But I think it’s an understanding of how small the world is getting, how what happens in America is going to affect the U.K., is going to affect the rest of the world.


LGBTQ+ Supporter

6 Nov 2020


In an interview with Attitude Magazine

I have a massive group of friends and [members of] my team who are part of the LGBTQ community, who have inspired me so much and taught me so much – they’re all my role models in life. […] To be able to use my platform to spread awareness, show support, talk about it, to make people feel seen, heard and safe, [to] communicate with charities and try to do my part as much as I can… I see that as my duty.


Supports Universal Healthcare

27 Oct 2020


In a conversation with Bernie Sanders

Senator I wanted to ask you as someone who’s grown up with healthcare, healthcare that’s free at the point of use, I find it so hard to understand why people aren’t protesting for universal health care? [...] I think you know it’s it’s so sad the fact that during the pandemic people have lost so many jobs but then it’s completely unfathomable the fact that you also lose your health care.


Black Lives Matter Supporter

26 Oct 2020


In a conversation with Bernie Sanders

I personally, I feel very deeply about black lives matter and seeing justice for police brutality.
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