Eden Hazard

The Religion and Political Views of Eden Hazard


Eden Hazard was born in La Louvière, Belgium and raised in Braine-le-Comte, Belgium.

Lots of people around the internet suspect that Hazard is Muslim,[1] but as far as I can tell, nobody has a good reason for it. One website pointed to the fact that on Twitter once he wrote (in French), "Happy Ramadan to all."[2] But then he also send out a Merry Christmas tweet on that Christian holiday.[3]

So maybe it's not that he's religious himself, he's just very respectful of other people's religions. After all, after the tragic 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Hazard sent out "a thought for the families" without mention of praying.[4] I'm pretty sure even people who rarely pray were sending out prayers for those families on that day, so his omission there could be telling.

In Belgium, a little over half the population considers itself religious,[5] so there are definitely plenty of non-religious folks out there. I think it's safe to assume, until we get more information from Hazard, that he is non-religious.

Certainly never political

The best summary of this section of the article is best left to the words of Hazard's agent. He said,

Eden never speaks about his political opinions.[6]

And that's that. His agent's statement was made in response to a petition Hazard allegedly signed that protested the staging of a particular international tournament in Israel. It said that to hold the event in that country would be condoning its actions against Palestine. Hazard denied any involvement with the petition, and his agent said "he certainly never signed anything."[7]

Turns out Hazard's about as non-political as they come, at least in public.

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