Iker Casillas

The Religion and Political Views of Iker Casillas


Iker Casillas Fernández was born in Móstoles, Spain, just outside Madrid. He was raised there and also briefly in the Basque Country.

Casillas' religion is a matter of much internet speculation, which teeters between Muslim and Catholic.[1] It seems more likely to me that he is Catholic, and not only because around 70% of Spaniards are devoted to that religion.[2]

Casillas' parents are from Spain, and most of Spain's Muslim population are fairly recent immigrants.[3] He has also earned the nickname "Saint Iker" for his divine goalkeeping abilities,[4] which says more about the religion of his country than of himself, although I couldn't find any indication that he minds the title.

It's also entirely possible that Casillas is simply not religious at all. Or. . . he's established his own church under the guise of a fan blog. It's all speculation from here, folks. Leave us a comment if you can steer us toward some facts.

Casillas has equally little say about politics, aside from his hope that football can be a positive distraction from the bad economic news which relentlessly plagues his country.[5]

Although he doesn't appear to have anything to say about Catalan independence, at least one blogger thought that a Casillas transfer from Real Madrid to Barça could do more than politicians to quell the independence movement and restore civility between the two camps.[6]

My guess is that Casillas would rather not be a pawn for either side in the middle of that debate.

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