Ellie Goulding

The Religion and Political Views of Ellie Goulding



Goulding was most likely raised Christian, but doesn't talk about religion much.

Political Views

She's probably liberal, but doesn't talk about it.


Ellie Goulding was born and raised in Lyonshall, Herefordshire, England.

Several sites claim Goulding is Jewish,[1] and her music is a favorite at young Jews' bar and bat mitzvahs,[2] but there's no confirmation of that from Goulding herself.

She doesn't sing about her religion, and she doesn't tweet about it either. The only mention she made in an interview was her annoyance that the press comments on her physical appearance, including her nose.

I've read that I have a big nose. . . a Jewish nose.[3]

At a live concert in 2011 however, Goulding could be seen wearing a t-shirt with a cross on it,[4] and she sings a mean version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,"[5] so chances are this pop star was raised Christian.

Liberal by association

Goulding played some pretty high profile gigs for government-types in 2011: a song at Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding and a performance for the Obamas during the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. But neither one was a political statement.

She doesn't talk a whole lot about politics specifically, but there's a pretty good chance she leans toward the left. First of all, she runs with a liberal crowd. The young singer collaborated with Tinie Tempah,[6] a supporter of the U.K.'s Labour party. She was also the opening act for a time on outspokenly liberal Katy Perry's 2011 tour.[7]

Goulding also seems dedicated to the gay community, meaning she's probably into the whole marriage thing too. When asked if she had always had gay people in her life, she responded,

For sure; since I was young. Several of my favorite people in the whole world are gay and absolutely amazing. Also, I do have a lot of gay guys who are huge fans.[8]

As this up-and-coming star breaks out of her shell and interviewers start asking her some bigger questions, I bet we'll hear more from this young woman. Keep us updated in the comments.

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