Katie Price

The Religion and Political Views of Katie Price



Katie Price's religion is money.

Political Views

She says she's non-political, but she's got some opinions.


Katie Price, also known professionally as Jordan, was born and raised in Brighton, England.

Well, as cliché as it may sound, I think money really is Katie Price's religion. Fitting, with that last name and all; she really does put a price on everything. Although I couldn't confirm that it actually happened, she was at least at one point planning on selling on eBay the breast implants she had removed during breast implant reduction surgery.[1]

But lets take a few steps back. Price's maternal grandmother is Jewish, and with the whole matrilineal Jewish heritage thing, that would technically make Price Jewish as well. But the verdict of "Barely Jew"[2] by the internet's barometer of Jewness, the website Jew or Not Jew, is in my opinion generous.

When one reporter asked her why she doesn't call herself a Jew, she said it's because she doesn't practice the religion. And then, bringing to the conversation the negative stereotype of the money-hungry Jew, she pontificated that maybe that heritage was what made her so greedy about money.[3]

But don't take that to mean she doesn't respect religion. She insists that she's not judging anyone about it, and that they shouldn't judge her:

I'm useless at any religion. I'm so open-minded I don't judge anybody on anything, and I think that is the best way to be. . . . Money and religion are the big things, and that's it, and I stay away from religion. We love to earn money, who doesn't?[4]

I don't know, but it sure sounds to me like she's focusing in on making money with religious dedication.

Fiscal Policy and the Not Intelligent

By Price's own admission, she is mostly non-political, but she still has opinions. She said,

I don't get involved in party politics or pay much attention to what David Cameron says because I think he's hard to notice. But I have a view on things that are political and if I think something needs changing, I fight for what I believe is right. I'm not a quitter.[5]

She created a little bit of a stir among British bloggers when she started tweeting one day about quantitative easing and fiscal union relating to the European debt crisis.[6] In one tweet she wrote:

Large scale quantitative easing in 2012 could distort liquidity of govt. bond market. #justsayin[7]

Just sayin' indeed. This is coming from a woman who said she was "not intelligent."[8] But, as I found out thanks to a diligent reader, it turns out the whole thing was just an advertising campaign for Snickers. The last tweet in the series stated, "You're not you when you're hungry @snickeruk."[9]

So once again she reveals she'll do anything for money, including exploit her non-intelligence on Twitter. Non-political it is!

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