Emmy Rossum

The Religion and Political Views of Emmy Rossum



Emmy Rossum is Jewish, but it's unclear if she still practices.

Political Views

She is liberal and has shown her support for Obama, gay marriage, and environmentalism.


Emmanuelle "Emmy" Rossum was born and raised in New York City.

Rossum is Jewish. More specifically, her mother is Jewish and her father was Protestant, though she was raised only by her mother.[1] She said she was exposed to other religions growing up, specifically through her babysitters:

I always had babysitters and all of them were Irish Catholic. I loved sweets and my babysitters would always bribe me with treats if I would go to Mass with them. So almost every day I would wind up in Catholic Church.[2]

It's tough to say if she's still a practicing Jew, although she does appear to celebrate Hanukkah, make latkes,[3] and date Jewish men.[4] But then, she also appears to celebrate Christmas.[5] I know, I know. Lots of practicing Jews celebrate Christmas. I'm just throwing that out there. Geez.

In the end, Jewish yes. Practicing maybe. Any more info? Let us know in the comments.

Shamelessly Liberal

Emmy Rossum is liberal through and through. Even though she doesn't have any campaign contributions to speak of, she announced her support for Obama in 2012 on Twitter.[6] And she was on the front lines of the fight for marriage equality when she attended an anti-Prop 8 rally in Los Angeles.[7]

Rossum also described herself as a pacifist[8] and is somewhat of an environmentalist. About her movie The Day After Tomorrow, which depicts a world in which severe global warming has caused an ice age, she said:

The environment is really important to me. One of the reasons I'm glad I did ,The Day After Tomorrow, is because it opened a dialogue about the effects of global warming.[9]

She wore an eco-friendly dress made out of hemp and pineapple fibers to a pre-Oscar party in 2012,[10] she said she tries to do her part for the environment by recycling and driving a hybrid,[11] and she works with several non-profit organizations to promote awareness of environmental issues.

Well folks, we've got another Hollywood liberal on our hands. But we can never have too many, right? Right?

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