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The Religion and Political Views of George Strait



Strait was raised a Baptist, and appears to be at least somewhat religious to this day.

Political Views

Strait is a Republican, though notoriously quiet about his political views.


George Strait was born in Poteet, Texas and grew up in Pearsall, Texas.

Strait is a quiet icon. If you're going to get him talking, the conversation will likely revolve around his music. However, we know he was raised a Baptist.[1] He did have a religious upbringing, to which he credits his father:

My dad, of course, raised my brother and me on his own, and he raised us in a real religious atmosphere. We're all Baptists, and he always told me that the Lord would tell me what He wanted me to do with my life; and I kind of believe that's really true. So I didn't worry about it much, didn't think about it that much.[2]

Strait eloped with his high school sweetheart in Mexico, but when they returned to Texas, they had a ceremony in a church.[3] Which church is unclear.

And like most country music stars, he's got a few religious-themed songs in his repertoire, such as "I Saw God Today," with lyrics like:

I've been to church/I've read the book/I know He's there/But I don't look/near as often as I should/His fingerprints are everywhere/I just look down and stop and stare/open my eyes and then I swear/I Saw God Today.[4]

So, despite the fact that Strait doesn't talk about it, we can say with considerable confidence that he's at least somewhat religious, and probably still a Baptist.

Strait talking politics

It won't happen, folks. In the arena of politics, Strait is even more tight-lipped than he is with his religious views. In 2012, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich used his song, "Heartland," at campaign events–which obviously Strait didn't take issue with.[5] But when asked to comment about candidates, issues, or anything political for that matter, all reporters could get was a statement from Strait's publicist:

George never comments publicly on political views.[6]

OK then…

We have one tiny piece of evidence that suggests that Strait is probably a Republican. In 1992, he donated $240 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.[7]

Beyond that, plenty of fan sites and rumor mills speculate that he's a Republican,[8] so there must be some reason for that, which might just be he's a country singer from Texas.

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