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The Religion and Political Views of Kevin Costner



Kevin Costner was raised Baptist, but now questions his faith.

Political Views

He used to be Republican, but now he's a Democrat.


Kevin Costner was born in Lynwood, California and grew up in several communities around central and southern California.

He grew up in a family who were devoted Baptists, and like many other performers, he sang in his church choir.[1] When speaking at Whitney Houston's funeral, he said that his earliest memories were from church, and that between him and his Bodyguard co-star, church "was our private bond."[2]

As an adult, he still seems to be a Christian, but with some serious agnostic leanings. He says that he wants to believe in a higher power and an afterlife, but he just can't be sure.

I have a faith in God, and it's always tested. And I'm weak, you know. I wish I knew, and I wanna know. . . . I feel like I'm always on the wrong side of hope. But the intellectual goes, "Man, are you nuts? There's nothin' after this." . . . I don't wanna go through life like that.[3]

Mostly a Democrat

Costner's campaign contribution report tells us that he has supported Republicans, all before 1995, but mostly Democrats.[4] When asked if he is a Republican, he said he was raised in a Republican household, but that as he got older his opinions shifted. And now?

I don't prefer to be known as a conservative. I'm not a Republican.[5]

Fair enough. He didn't exactly call himself a Democrat, but he acts like one. He stumped for Obama in Colorado during the 2008 election, but then seemed a little miffed in 2012 that he hadn't heard from him again.[6] He reportedly supported Bill Clinton as well,[7] although I couldn't find direct confirmation of that.

He is deeply committed to environmental causes which makes him sound even more liberal. After the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, Costner acquired a company that manufactured a machine which is designed to help clean up oil spills. It finally came in handy for the Gulf oil disaster in 2010, but he felt BP's delayed use of the machines didn't allow them to be used to their full potential.[8] He said his purchase of the company was fueled by his desire to do something good with his wealth.[9]

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