Gianna Michaels

The Religion and Political Views of Gianna Michaels


Gianna Michaels was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

Michaels appears to be non-religious. I couldn't find a shred of evidence that she's ever even thought about God. One could imagine that the Judeo-Christian concepts of modesty and sexual prudity don't go over very well with those in the porn industry. But it doesn't seem like she's particularly against God either. She just doesn't have a thing to say. So really. . . neither do I. Shall we move on?

Michaels apparently has a liberal bent in the political arena–I know, big surprise from a porn star who makes a living doing something that has provoked the disgust of the conservative religious right. But, anyway. . .

She criticized Obama for not being tough enough on rich business executives after the financial crisis of 2008, and lamented the fact that employee health care benefits were being slashed while top executives continued to get rich.[1]

And, like many porn stars and musicians alike, she's concerned about the future of her industry because of consumers' ability to download free porn (and music). She thinks freedom of choice on the internet could end up destroying business and in turn jobs and paychecks. But she stopped short of saying the government should get involved. Instead she feels like the industry just has to evolve and figure out how to make it in the new market.[2]

And that's all we have on this porn industry favorite. If you have any leads into her political or religious beliefs that I missed, please let us know in the comments!

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