Gordon Ramsay

The Religion and Political Views of Gordon Ramsay



Ramsay is a semi-religious Protestant.

Political Views

Ramsay is largely non-political.


Gordon Ramsay was born in Johnstone, Scotland and grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Ramsay is a Protestant[1] and considering he's British (originally from Scotland), that means he's either Anglican or a member of the Church of Scotland.

Ramsay says he has a "private, quiet faith" and he prays six times a year when he and his wife go to church. He also admits to praying in a moment of desperation when he found out his young son had a small hole in his heart.[2]

Despite some claims that Ramsay is an atheist,[3] he does believe in God and wishes to instill faith into his children. He said:

I want the kids to understand that there is a God and that more times than not we need to turn to him for help.[4]

Strangely, Ramsay has emerged as somewhat of a religious figure. The Church of Scotland officially endorsed the foul-mouthed chef as a role model for Christian children. Apparently, Ramsay's trials and tribulations and his ability to succeed despite them warranted a Church of Scotland shout-out.[5]

Bland politics

Ramsay's political views are either non-existent or well-hidden. As famous as he is, he's spent a lot of time around politicians. He attended a charity dinner in Obama's White House[6] and gained British PM's favor for work done in British prisons.[7]

You might want to assume that he would side with the British Conservative Party, considering it's the party of the UK's wealthy, but he sure gave it to Conservative politician Edwina Currie one night on his show:

Do you always two time people Edwina? First you're shagging a Prime Minister, and now you're shagging me up the arse from behind.[8]

He did display some possibly liberal views when he took a film crew to try and expose shark poachers in the act in Costa Rica, indicating a possible PETA-like affinity toward animal rights. Incidentally, he was cornered by the poachers, doused in gasoline and held at gunpoint.[9]

Maybe he'll be a conservative after all.

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