Gucci Mane

The Religion and Political Views of Gucci Mane



Gucci Mane is a Christian, but not the most devout rapper.

Political Views

Mane is as non-political as they come.


Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up there and in Atlanta, Georgia.

Besides the large gold Jesus piece Mane likes to wear around,[1] the scant information we have about his Christian beliefs are through his songs, and a poem called "Round II" that he wrote in prison. In it he talks about how prayer kept him sane, and that "besides God, no one’s perfect."[2]

As far as his song lyrics go, it's more about little mentions of the Lord and praying than it is about sincere expressions of faith. For example, in "Re-Up" he prays that his "phone ain't tapped."[3] And in "Tragedy" he says the "Lord knows I don't want to be in the penitentiary."[4]

So he might not be the most devout of rappers, but the fact that he's got God on his mind and what looks to be a pretty expensive Jesus likeness around his neck, I'd say he's definitely still a Christian of ambiguous denomination.

Gucci for President

Concerning politics, Mane has absolutely nothing to say. He hasn't even thrown an endorsement at Obama as far as I could tell, which is rare for a famous black man. Right before Obama's reelection, a video was released promoting Gucci as the next president, but I couldn't even find any indication that he was involved in the making of the parody.[5]

For all his talk about smoking marijuana[6] –and some other recreational drug use–[7] maybe he's into the legalization of such substances. Or maybe, because of all his time behind bars,[8] he's interested in prison reform. So maybe he's liberal?

Could be. But most likely he's just non-political. I mean, a black man who doesn't at least even mention Obama has got to be as non-political as they get. If you have any other insight, let us know in the comments.

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