Heather Locklear

The Religion and Political Views of Heather Locklear



Heather Locklear appears to be mostly non-religious, with a possibly Christian background.

Political Views

She is a Republican, but doesn't like to talk about it.


Heather Locklear was born in Westwood, California and grew up in Thousand Oaks, California.

The closest thing to a profession of religion from Locklear was this quote:

I think I've always been good so God wouldn't strike me dead.[1]

It's a little morbid certainly, but I suppose it does admit a belief in God. Aside from that I couldn't find a thing. One would assume she has a Christian background, considering she's American, but it's tough to say if she gets that specific with her belief.

Her ethnic heritage is potentially enlightening. Her surname comes from the tri-racial–Native American, African American, and European American–Lumbee tribe from North Carolina. They are a predominantly Christian group,[2] but it's unclear if her family had much of a connection there. She's apparently got some Scottish roots too,[3] which could indicate a Presbyterian background. So, some vaguely Christian upbringing is likely.

But, again, she hasn't let us in on whether or not she believes in the whole Christian program. She's been through some troubles over the years, including an on-going drug problem,[4] so even if she is religious, it doesn't seem to be helping her stay grounded.

A what? A Republican in Hollywood?

Locklear is one of those rare Hollywood Republicans, but she doesn't like to talk about it. Maybe she doesn't want to deal with the heat. One blog called her "stubbornly quiet on the issue,"[5] and I don't blame her–surrounded by Obama fever as she is.

The only evidence we have for her conservative leanings, aside from the fact that it seems to be common knowledge across Internetland, is her one campaign contribution: in 1998 she donated just $1,000 to a California Republican's unsuccessful bid for Congress.[6] It might not be much, but it's about $1,000 more than most celebrities ever even dreamed about donating to the Republicans.

Maybe she'll be annoyed enough after eight years of Obama that she'll jump back into the fray. If she cleans up her act, finds God, and hops on the campaign trail, you'll keep us updated in the comments, won't you?

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