Leighton Meester

The Religion and Political Views of Leighton Meester


Leighton Meester was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She lived in Marco Island, Florida until she was ten-years-old, in New York City until she was 14, then finished up high school in Los Angeles, California.

Meester doesn't appear to be religious or spiritual in any way. There is some speculation that she is Catholic because she said in an interview once that she tried out a Catholic school for a while.[1] But Catholic school does not equal Catholic.

She meditates during her workouts, but it appears to be more of a stress reliever than part of a spiritual routine.[2]

Meester is almost as quiet about her political beliefs as she is about religion. She did, however, participate in an anti-fracking public service announcement[3] and felt committed enough to the cause to post a link to the video on her Twitter page.[4] Whether fracking is a liberal issue or an environmentalism issue or a health issue to Meester, we don't know. But that is the extent of this celebrity's activist side.

She has a more intimate view of the justice system than most of her Hollywood peers. Her mother was incarcerated when she was born for her involvement with a marijuana drug ring. (Meester grandmother cared for her until her mother was released from prison.) She says she doesn't resent her parents for their criminal past.

It made me realize that you can't judge anyone–especially your parents–for what they've done in their past, because people change.[5]

She seems like the perfect candidate to add some celebrity flair to the prison reform movement, or maybe she could follow Johnny Cash's example and play a concert for inmates. Regardless, we'll have to wait and see where this young actress and singer's passions take her.

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