Helen Flanagan was born and raised in Bury, Greater Manchester, England.

Flanagan isn’t known for her intelligence. Whether that’s a fair characterization or not, it doesn’t seem that she’s done any serious thinking on either religion or politics. She definitely gets into the Christmas spirit, so a Christian, probably Anglican, background of some sort is highly likely–but her festivities probably revolve around shopping more than deep contemplation about the nativity of the baby Jesus.1

She did mention that she was planning on going back to school to complete some of those courses she never cared to take as a teenager, including religious studies, so maybe some academic rigor will spark a new-found devotion to God.2 She included the hashtag “#spiritual” in the bio section of her Twitter account,3 so maybe she’s got some latent belief in there after all. Keep us updated in the comments, won’t you?

As far as politics go, I don’t think there’s going to be much updating needed. It doesn’t look like Flanagan has any interest in entering the political conversation, unless it’s by accident.

Just a few days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012, the actress tweeted a picture of herself holding a gun to her head. It was from a photo shoot she had done previously, and she was trying to make a statement about how hung over she was. Not surprisingly, she didn’t get a great reaction.4

She deleted the photo and apologized with tears on a talk show the next day, but her reckless posting had some politicians asking why she was posing with a gun in the first place, and reiterating that firearms are “intrinsically┬ádangerous” and should not be glamorized.5

Oh, Twitter. Providing so many opportunities for celebrity missteps.

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