Elsa Pataky

The Religion and Political Views of Elsa Pataky


Elsa Pataky was born and raised in Madrid, Spain.

Everybody–or anybody who cares to guess–seems to think Pataky is Catholic.[1] I agree that if she is religious at all, Catholic is pretty likely considering she grew up in one of the most Catholic countries around.[2] But the question is whether or not she's religious.

Pataky doesn't have a Twitter account as far as I could tell, so no help there. She doesn't wear a cross out in public; she doesn't send out prayers or count her blessings; and if she baptized her kid, the paparazzi never got its gossip-hungry paws on the event.

Maybe she has some Catholic relatives, maybe she went to church on Christmas and Easter when she was a kid, or maybe she didn't. But it doesn't appear that Pataky is religious these days. Or political for that matter.

Pataky doesn't have a thing to say about politics. She's either really good at keeping her private life private, or she doesn't engage in the political process. The closest thing to a statement I could pull from Pataky was her support for a breast cancer charity.[3] Not very political.

If you have any clues or facts for us to investigate regarding the religion or politics of this actress, please let us know in the comments. Cheers!

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