Holly Willoughby

The Religion and Political Views of Holly Willoughby


Holly Willoughby was born and raised in Brighton, East Sussex, England.

There's almost nothing floating around Internetland about Willoughby's religious affiliation. She appears to have a Christian background since she celebrates Christmas,[1] but there's no reason for us to believe she's very religious.

I didn't find any evidence that she goes to church or prays, and she doesn't talk about God or religion. She probably grew up with some Anglican relatives, however distant, but it looks to be in her family's past, not present.

It behooves Willoughby to be non-political in her role as afternoon talk-show host. She's interviewed the likes of politicians as high up as Prime Minister David Cameron, and is apparently willing to ask him tough policy questions,[2] but she has not shown herself to be partisan.

She did give a Nazi salute in a broadcast one day in a lame attempt to be funny after mispronouncing a word,[3] but she probably regretted it immediately. And she also most likely doesn't hate Jews or regret the outcome of World War II.

In a more intentional move, she posted a picture of herself on Twitter without make-up on, which could have been some sort of feminist gesture. Oddly enough, it caused one columnist to call her anti-feminist for looking so good in the picture in which the woman claims she probably was in fact wearing make-up.[4]

I don't even know what to say about that. If you do, please feel free to let us know in the comments. But for our purposes, the lovely Willoughby is as non-political and non-religious as the best of them.

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