Hulk Hogan

The Religion and Political Views of Hulk Hogan



Hulk Hogan is a dedicated evangelical Christian.

Political Views

He voted for Obama in 2008, but he's a Romney supporter in 2012.


Hulk Hogan, whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, was born in Augusta, Georgia and raised in Tampa, Florida.

Hogan says he was saved at the age of fourteen, and has been a dedicated Christian ever since. He says that his faith kept him on the level.

I could have went the wrong way. I could have self-destructed, but I took the high road.[1]

Hogan is a deeply religious man of evangelical Christian ilk. He's a fan of Joel Osteen, a televangelist and minister at the country's largest mega-church. Hogan talked about his faith at an Osteen event in Tampa.

The only thing that is really real is the stuff that's gonna last forever, your faith and your belief in God. And knowing that once you're a Christian, you've accepted Christ as your savior. . . you're going to have ever-lasting life. That belief and that faith is what's pretty much the only thing that's real to me.[2]

Hogan Sees the Light

And after a rough year in which his son was incarcerated for severely injuring a passenger in a car crash, and his wife left him after twenty-four years of marriage, Hogan came very close to committing suicide. He credits his faith for helping him get back to a good place.

I kind of got lost in . . . the craziness of this whole lifestyle and everything that was around me. And once I went back inside and I realized that everything I need was in here, you know — the happiness, the faith, and my religion, the spirit of Christ was in me, I realized at that moment, I had everything that I needed.[3]

Hogan may be a dedicated Christian, but he's not going to dedicate himself to a political party for life. Instead he's one of those swing voters we keep hearing about. In 2008 he endorsed Obama, but feels like the president didn't deliver on all his promises. In 2012, he was an avid Romney supporter. The Republican National Convention took place in his hometown of Tampa, and he was riled up by all the buzz.

As soon as I get out of the ring, I'm turning the TV on, cause I wanna hear what Romney has to say. . . He's got a chance to win everybody over. ((,Hulk Hogan: An Obama Fan No Longer., Townhall.))

But when it really comes down to it, the Hulk thinks he would make a pretty good president. And his views on fiscal policy make you wonder why he ever voted for Obama in the first place.

The change of heart is, I should be president. I know nothing about politics. I think a flat tax across the board would straighten everything out.[4]

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