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The Religion and Political Views of Jason Aldean



Aldean is non-religious.

Political Views

Aldean is not explicitly political.


Jason Aldean was born and raised in Macon, Georgia but spent his summers mostly in Homestead, Florida.

There is almost nothing to go on regarding Aldean's religious views. His childhood seems to have been mostly devoid of faith (though I'm sure some Christianity found its way in) and he's managed to keep religion out of his many interviews.

But there is some indication of at least thoughts about religion in Aldean's song lyrics. For example, in the song, "Church Pew or Bar Stool," Aldean sings about wanting to leave a town where the "only two means of salvation" can either be found in alcohol or church[1] and asking:

Why do I hang around… In this church pew or bar stool kinda town?[2]

Another of his songs, "Amarillo Sky," seems to tell the sad tale of a farmer who's fervent prayers go consistently unanswered.[3]

It all amounts to what appears to be a rather cynical view of religion–either it's a bore and burden or it doesn't make good on its promises to faithful people. Furthermore, Aldean–who admitted to getting too drunk at a hip Los Angeles club and fooling around on his wife[4] –doesn't seem to uphold the Christian ethic.

My guess is that he's pretty far from religious.

Much ado about nothing

Aldean doesn't seem too political either. It would likely be easy for someone to assume he's a conservative Republican–and many do,[5] but he hasn't come out and said it–yet.

Many of his songs such as "Fly-Over States" and "Dirt Road Anthem" glorify that redneck, rural, middle-America, good-'ol-boy image–which might be why some are quick to pigeonhole the country singer.

Interestingly, social scientists did a study on the correlation of political views and musical taste and found that Jason Aldean fans are highly likely to be Republicans.[6] Not surprising, but now confirmed.

If you've got any evidence, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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