Jason Derülo

The Religion and Political Views of Jason Derülo


Jason Derülo, whose real last name is Desrouleaux, was born in Miami, Florida. He grew up there, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and in New York City.

He doesn't talk about the specifics of his religion much, but all signs point to Derülo growing up in a Catholic household, considering both his parents are from Haiti. He appears to still be Catholic and to believe in God.

He has talked about his "God-given talent"[1] and about how he is "blessed" to be so successful.[2] He can also sometimes be seen wearing a rosary,[3] a pretty sure-fire sign he's a practicing Catholic.

He also inserts Christian imagery into his lyrics fairly often, blessing women[4] and calling them angels all over the place.[5] In his song "Closer to You," he gives credit to God for making a beautiful woman, and then, like any loving Father would, letting Derülo have her.

But then I remember there's a God up there saying/Son this one's for you.[6]

Working on that philanthropy thing

No word yet on what Derülo thinks about politics–or if he thinks about it. But he says he's into the whole giving back thing.

I really wanna make a stamp and make an impact charitably – I'm a huge philanthropist. Music is really the gateway to a lot of things, and I really wanna utilize music to make a difference in other ways.[7]

He performed at a benefit event for Best Buddies International, an organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities around the world.[8] He also performed along with many other popular artists, at a benefit concert for the victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.[9]

When he went to Rwanda to play a concert, Derülo spent a few hours working with Solid'Africa serving food in a public hospital and visiting the patients there. He said in the future he wants to work with the organization, which provides support to vulnerable hospital patients.[10] But, no word on that yet. Maybe he's focusing on that music career so he can focus on the philanthropy stuff later.

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