Kat DeLuna

The Religion and Political Views of Kat DeLuna



Kat DeLuna is a devout Christian, and most likely Catholic.

Political Views

She's a Democrat.


Kat DeLuna was born in New York City. She grew up in the Dominican Republic until she was 12, then spent the rest of her childhood in Newark, New Jersey.

When DeLuna talks about being religious, I have to assume that she's Catholic. Considering her Dominican heritage, and the fact that the vast majority of that country adhere to Catholicism,[1] it seems like a pretty safe bet. But regardless of the exact details, she definitely adheres to something. She said,

I believe everything in life has a formula and a resolution. I am very religious and I love the world. I love this quote "God chokes you but he doesn't kill you." It is a Spanish saying and what it means is that God might put you through a lot of tests, trials and tribulations, but he is not going to leave you down there on the floor. Once you figure it out God will help you get even further. I don't know if it sounds as good in English.[2]

Yeah, the image of the man with the white beard putting his hands around your neck. . . doesn't quite have the same appeal in English. I think we have a more benign one involving doors and windows, but I digress.

God is clearly at the forefront of DeLuna's consciousness, considering that He's all over her Twitter feed. In happy birthday messages to friends she'll include a little "May God shed his grace on you."[3] And on the day the world was supposed to end in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, DeLuna tweeted,

Happy 12/21/12!!!! Believe in no one but God! You see….It's Just another day![4]

If any of you have a confirmation about DeLuna's denomination, a link in the comments would be much appreciated. Until then, we'll just assume she's a devout Catholic.

The voice of a young Latina

DeLuna joins most other Hispanic Americans in support of the Democrats.[5] She's a big Obama fan and said she has been from the start:

The minute I saw Barack Obama was running for president, I was very happy. I was very hopeful, and I was always 100% behind him. . . . I definitely do think he will be the one to bring change to our nation. . . and eventually that would affect the world itself.[6]

She encouraged her fans to vote on election day in 2012, although not for which candidate,[7] she supports immigration reform,[8] and she is very involved in the gay rights movement. Even though I couldn't find a quote from her endorsing gay marriage, she's definitely dedicated to her sizable gay fan-base. She regularly attends gay pride events[9] and she even completed a "gay tour" in 2009 where she played at gay clubs across the country.[10]

Quite the Democrat, indeed. We'll have to keep looking out for this young Latina's voice on the American political stage.

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