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The Religion and Political Views of Jason Mraz



Mraz appears to be "spiritual, not religious", spouting platitudes on his Twitter page about love and relativity and "oneness."

Political Views

Mraz is a serious liberal, gay-marriage advocate, and Obama supporter.


Jason Mraz was born in Mechanicsville, Virginia. He doesn't speak of his childhood religion, but does comment that his town was a good place to grow up because, among other things, there is a "church on every street corner."[1]

His last name is Czech, and his grandfather was an immigrant from that traditionally Catholic country.[2] But Mraz is more of the "spiritual but not religious" variety and most of his "spirituality" can be found in his tweets to his fans where he says things like:

Einstein on Religion. Me on any given day. It's all relative therefore we're all related. Live Fresh-Headed.[3]

Or he'll quote Lucile Ball, saying:

I have an everyday religion that works for me, love yourself first and everything else falls into place.[4]

When Mraz says anything substantial about his spiritual views, it's in line with New Age, Eastern "Oneness," Buddhism, Hindu-type stuff. For example:

That's enough of my spiritual banter, not to be confused with religious banter, since religion limits the amount of mystery we're truly able to embrace. Religion often forces us to find one god whereas being spiritual simply means to feel the unbelievable power in all things. Such as, I believe in the undeniable power of you. Truly.[5]

So what is that? Pantheism? Eastern Mysticism? Kabbalah? It's hard to say. We're going to call him New Age.

Politics of love or something

You can probably guess which side of the ideology fence Mraz claims, given his "spirituality." But let's take a closer look.

Mraz' main political/social concern seems to be gay rights. If he's not writing blogs about the need for equality,[6] he's telling the world that he won't personally get married until gay people can get married.[7]

Mraz is a big, even blubbering, Obama supporter. He admits to crying–twice– when the news broke about Obama winning the 2008 election. Once, he cried because his home state of Virginia voted Democrat for the first time since the 1960s and second when Obama won the national election. Obama, according to Mraz:

"[Obama] doesn't come from an empire or an elite family the way we've seen past presidents come up. It had something to say for the amount of Americans who participated who now believe that, yes, their voice does matter. Them participating will stimulate these communities, these economies. It will help us get jobs again and become a thriving nation again, rather than an outcast.[8]

So, it would seem that our original assumptions were correct. Mraz is a total New Age liberal Democrat.

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