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Jason Segel had a Jewish father, a Catholic mother, went to Episcopal school and Hebrew school, and is now a non-religious semi-agnostic believer in God.

Political Views

Segel is a Democrat and an Obama-supporter.


Jason Segel was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Pacific Palisades, California.

Segel grew up with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother,[1] and he went to both an Episcopalian school and Hebrew school. He said he was raised Jewish, so the Christian kids didn't really accept him. But the kids at Hebrew school didn't accept him either because his mother wasn't Jewish.[2]

His interfaith upbringing left him with a semi-agnostic belief in God and a good dose of suspicion for organized religion. He said that he doesn't believe in the "exclusivity that's involved in organized religion," but he still would like to believe in something. He said,

My first instinct is to say, I certainly know there's a God but, let's be honest, you can't really know. But I sure believe there is one.[3]

That's about as agnostic as a believer can get.

I Love You, Obama

Even though Segel isn't the most vocal Hollywood liberal, he appears to be a liberal, or at least a Democrat nonetheless. As far as I could find, his one and only campaign contribution was to Democrat John Kerry's unsuccessful presidential bid in 2004.[4] And he's a little starstruck by Obama. After describing a funny and awkward encounter with the president, he called Obama "the most charismatic man of all time."[5] He also said if he could have a man date with anyone, it would have to be Obama.[6]

But just because he's a famous actor, doesn't mean liberal politicians are at his beck and call. After mentioning in an interview that he would like to make a movie with Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state took it upon herself to respond with a letter saying thanks for the offer, but she's a bit busy.[7] But hey, a Dear John letter is better than no letter at all.

No word on whether or not he supports gay marriage, gun control, or any other big liberal causes, but until I hear otherwise, I'll assume he's at least a fan of the Democratic platform. If you hear otherwise, let us know in the comments.

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