Jennie Garth

The Religion and Political Views of Jennie Garth



Jennie Garth converted to Catholicism for her husband, but has labelled herself simply "spiritual" since their divorce.

Political Views

She isn't too political, but definitely lies in the liberal camp.


Jennifer "Jennie" Garth was born in Urbana, Illinois. She grew up mostly in Arcola, Illinois, and then Tuscola, Illinois and Glendale, Arizona.

Garth's religious upbringing is a bit of a mystery, which probably means there wasn't much of one. There isn't even a hint about it on the internet gossip columns, despite their keen interest in Garth's later conversion–or more specifically un-conversion.

Way back in 2001, Garth converted to Catholicism prior to marrying her Catholic second husband.[1] But, after the couple's divorce in 2012, Garth decided to divorce herself from her former husband's religion as well. She still calls herself "spiritual" however, so maybe something stuck.[2]

More recently she was seen carrying a self-help book based in Buddhist principals,[3] so maybe that's the direction her spirituality is headed. We'll just have to wait and see. Keep us updated in the comments, won't you?

Rock What Vote?

Garth doesn't seem to be all too interested in the political debate, but she's not entirely absent. She posted a picture of herself wearing a "Rock the Vote" t-shirt a month before the election in 2012,[4] so presumably she voted. And even though election day passed without a mention on her Twitter feed, it's probably a good bet that she voted for Obama.

First of all, she signed on to the two biggest liberal celebrity causes of the day: gay marriage and gun control. She retweeted a follower's post hashtagged with "#legalizegaymarriage."[5] And she tweeted a link to a petition urging lawmakers to enact gun control measures after the Newtown elementary school shooting in 2012.[6]

She also does some occasional work with PETA,[7] which doesn't necessarily mean liberal, but is a fairly decent indicator. So despite not being one of the most vocal celebrities, in the end, she's solidly in the liberal camp with most of the rest of her Hollywood cronies.

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