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The Religion and Political Views of The Jonas Brothers



The J-Bros are Evangelical Christian and very devout. They're riding the purity ring wagon and the Disney, Christian good-boy schtick all the way to the top!

Political Views

They're not non-political, per se, but they've never really taken a stance on anything but do have their own children's charity and have lobbied the president for more diabetes research.


You sweet, New Jersey, God-fearing, purity ring-wearing darling Jonas brothers. Is there anything more clean and wholesome than this heavenly rock trio?

These boys are Christian. They are rocking for Jesus. They and their generic, mass-produced, assembly line pop-rock will be smiling down from heaven at the tortured souls of real musicians like Jimi Hendrix and that godless John Lennon.

The Jonas Brother's father and manager is an ordained Evangelical preacher who has taught his boys well. Nick, the dreamy guitarist and songwriter, once said of his parents and their faith:

[Our parents] started a sign language ministry and they travel around the US. They started that in 1990 I think. They went all over the world. It was pretty amazing. They stopped when I was born… Then my dad became the senior pastor at the church in Wyckoff, New Jersey when we moved there. It was just amazing how the Lord planned it all. We moved to New Jersey and right there is where everything happens in the music industry and it kind of all came into place.[1]

And regarding those promise rings they wear–just like their brilliant musical contemporaries Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez–that have every pubescent teenage girl in the country secretly disappointed, Nick said:

[They're] just one of our ways of kind of like being different than everybody else out there. I got mine made at Disney World. It's pretty awesome.[2]

Jesus for president

The Jonas brothers, for all their influence over the pre-teen base, have not said much about politics. They've met President Obama a couple of times, but have not necessarily supported him or his policies.

Nick, who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 13, has gone to the White House to lobby for more diabetes research[3] and the brothers give 10% of their substantial earnings to their own charity called Change for the Children Foundation.

But other than that, there's not much to say about the Jonas Brothers' politics. Maybe when Jesus comes back to lead the free world, he'll get the first Jonas Brothers' endorsement.

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