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The Religion and Political Views of Josh Groban



Groban was raised in an Episcopalian home, though he has Jewish roots. He's made no statements about his personal religious beliefs.

Political Views

Groban sang for Obama and seemed very supportive, but he's never officially endorsed any candidate, nor has he taken a public stand on any political issues.


Josh Groban was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Groban comes from a diverse religious background. His father was originally Jewish, but converted to Christianity to marry Groban's mother. The family was raised attending Episcopalian Church services.[1]

Groban acknowledges his Jewish roots, though it's unclear if he identifies with them in any way. He said:

My dad converted when he married my mom, actually, to Christianity, but his whole family'sside is Jewish, and so I do have that whole history with my family.[2]

In fact, it's hard to know if Groban identifies with any religion, which might come as a surprise considering his quasi-religious song lyrics and his strong Christian fan base. In one song, "The Prayer," Groban sings:

Let this be our prayer/As we go our way/Lead us to a place/Guide us with your Grace.[3]

Currently, Groban has made no public professions of faith, nor has he been spotted leaving any particular church on Sunday. So, we'll acknowledge his Judeo-Christian upbringing and assume he leans toward the more non-religious side of things until further notice.

The king of Grobania

Groban has been about as mysterious regarding his politics as he has been about his religious views. However, he did sing at Obama's inauguration party in 2009,[4] which has some of his fans worried that he'll alienate much of his fan base.[5]

After meeting the president, Groban had only kind and sympathetic words:

I was very nervous–heathynerves though. I try not to get terrified. I think we all wanted to do our best and take a breath and realize that nobody has a harder job than he does right now… I just told him that it was an honor to sing for him and I was available for anything he ever needed, just to let me know.[6]

"Available for anything he ever needed," huh?That sounds a bit like explicit support to me. And while it's tempting to label Groban a Democrat after such a statement, I'll hold off until something more concrete comes through. Keep us updated in the comments.

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