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The Religion and Political Views of Kate Gosselin



Gosselin is a devout Pentecostal Christian.

Political Views

Gosselin is probably a bit right of center because of her stance on abortion. Other than that, she seems mostly non-political.


Kate Gosselin, born Katie Kreider, was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Gosselin's father is a pastor and (I'm not sure if he still is) ministers to the Calvary Bible Church in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania.,[1] a non-denominational or possibly evangelical Christian church.[2]

Wikipedia claims that Gosselin's mother was Jewish, but offers no source[3] and I can find no corroborating evidence. However, even if it's true, Kate has definitely kept to her Christian faith and has described herself as a "Bible-believing Christian." And she attends a Pentecostal Assembly of God church just outside of Philadelphia.[4]

Gosselin claims that the producers of her show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, have edited out any trace of her faith in post-production, but she's OK with it, saying:

If [the producers] opt to edit out our faith, I know by now it hasn't gone unnoticed… because we receive more e-mails from people who 'just knew we were Christians' than I can count. Additionally, we receive more requests from churches to speak than I can fulfill![5]

Gosselin additionally wrote about her faith in her tell-all book, I Just Want You To Know, regaling readers with stories of divine providence, such as when she was inspired to send a check to a family in need and found an anonymous gift card to a big box superstore for the same amount that very day.[6]

We can surely count her among the Christian faithful.

If you can run a household with eight kids, why not the whole country?

Gosselin's political views are not explicit. We do know that she's anti-abortion. She tweeted:

RT @PersonhoodFL: #Abortion has killed over 27,000,000 preborn girls. Think abortion advocates care about women?[7]

It could be an attempt to discredit liberals who claimed the Republican Party was anti-women leading up to the 2012 elections. We don't know, but it certainly puts her on the right side of the aisle on one issue.

Gosselin went camping once with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, but she seemed to hate it.[8] However, some "anonymous friends" reported that Gosselin expressed an interest in going into politics herself after spending a day with Palin.[9] Why not, right?

Perhaps contradictorily, Gosselin expressed an interest in assisting Michelle Obama with her initiative to fight childhood obesity, tweeting:

I'd love to help M Obama in her quest. It's SO my passion :) for kids, moms & families as a whole![10]

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