Lauren Conrad

The Religion and Political Views of Lauren Conrad



She seems to be non-religious in a Christian sort of way.

Political Views

She encourages people to vote, doesn't want people to know her views, and is probably Republican.


Lauren Conrad was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California.

She appears to be Christian/non-religious. She does the Christmas thing but more in an I-want-cool-stuff way rather than a let's-celebrate-our-Lord kind of way.[1] Several websites speculate that she is not very devout[2] and one source says she doesn't talk about her faith because she doesn't want to offend those that do not share it.[3]

But then again, she was spotted coming out of a psychic's office,[4] so maybe there's a side to her spirituality that no one knows about.

Doggone it, people like me!

Conrad is all about getting out the vote,[5] but that doesn't mean she wants you to know who she's voting for. She's more concerned about how other people will view her than she is about influencing the political process.

I believe in a private ballot. I don't want to ever influence someone's vote or have my vote change someone's opinion of me.[6]

But apparently some reporters caught her vigorously applauding the mention of Republicans and smirking at that of Democrats at the White House Correspondence dinner in 2008.[7] So if we're to believe the gossip, I guess we'll call her a Republican.

She's all about the politically safe philanthropy, though. She supports causes like fighting childhood cancer,[8] supporting victims of domestic violence, and alleviating domestic hunger.[9]

Conrad also showed her support for a typically liberal cause. She worked with the environmentally conscious company Blue Avocado to create a collection of bags and travel products made from recycled plastic bottles. The young designer wants to bring social responsibility and fashion together:

The collection represents easy steps we can all take where doing good and looking good are aligned.[10]

It seems en vogue now to be environmentally conscious, so maybe it's less about supporting the tree-hugging lefties, and more about staying in the uncontroversial mainstream, and making sure people like her.

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