Katharine McPhee

The Religion and Political Views of Katharine McPhee



McPhee is a spiritual, church-going person. And though her faith appears to be Christian, we can't tell which denomination she adheres to.

Political Views

McPhee is a Republican.


Katharine McPhee was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

McPhee appears to be a moderately religious person. It's hard to get a line on exactly what faith she subscribes to. Evidence seems to conflict. For example, she was educated at a Catholic institution, Notre Dame high school in Sherman Oaks, California.[1] And she does have some Irish ancestry,[2] so Catholic seems a reasonable leap.

However, she and her husband, Nick Cokas, were married in a Presbyterian ceremony.[3] Either it was at the behest of her beau, or she's a Presbyterian, or she just doesn't care either way. Hard to say.

There was a time when McPhee was rumored to be a Scientologist.[4] McPhee addressed the rumors, admitting that she did attend some Scientology functions, meetings, rituals and even gave them a large portion of her money–but it was all in pursuit of a love interest, and when that fizzled, so did her interest in Scientology.[5]

She does have faith, and it's a Christian faith judging from the occasional Bible tweet on her Twitter feed. She said that during times of uncertainty in her career, she just fell back on her faith and things worked out:

I'm a spiritual person. I truly believe that God provides. So, next thing I knew, I got a Neutrogena contract.[6]

Plus, she counts going to church as one of her favorite ways to spend her Sunday mornings.[7] If only we knew which church!

Not idolizing who many idolize

I think I'm about to surprise you… well, maybe not. Let's just say I was surprised. It appears that Katharine McPhee is a Republican.

At first, I thought it was just standard, classy celebrity silence how she made no comments about Obama, or how she actively avoided paparazzi questions about same-sex marriage.[8]

Then, I thought it was rumor that people had listed her among their "Republican Idols."[9]

Finally, the proof-filled pudding doughnut of campaign contributions reared it's head. McPhee donated over $1,000 to the McCain-Palin Republican presidential campaign in 2008. And that's it.[10]

I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. She must have some strong opinions to defy the vast majority of her entertainment industry cohorts. I wish she'd expand on them. All I've got is her making a recommendation to American Idol contestants to keep their sexuality to themselves.[11] She said:

You don't need to wear your religion on your sleeve. The competition is not about your faith or your sexuality but about you as an artist.[12]

That could just be good advice, but interesting nonetheless. What do y'all think?

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