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The Religion and Political Views of Jennette McCurdy



Jennette McCurdy is a Christian, but she's probably not a Mormon.

Political Views

She's going Green Party all the way.


Jennette McCurdy was born in Long Beach, California and raised in Garden Grove, California.

McCurdy is a Christian, but she hasn't let us in on what denomination. There's a fair bit of speculation that she's a Mormon, but no verifiable source that I can find. Reportedly, when she was asked about her religion on her blog, she responded with: "I believe."[1]

She does make it clear that she is a religious person, whatever that means exactly. She's a fan of thanking God for all her blessings. One Thanksgiving, when asked who she would like to thank, she paid tribute to the Big Man Himself:

This Thanksgiving, I'd like to thank God. Without Him, I wouldn't be where I am now. God has been so generous to me and has given me so many blessings. Thank you, God.[2]

She's apparently got a big following among the faithful too. A lot of her fans are praying for her and her mother ever since her mother's breast cancer, in remission for 15 years, reappeared and metastasized. There's even a Facebook page and petition on Twitter dedicated to fans' prayers.[3]

Roseanne Barr '12!

McCurdy is liberal in her political beliefs, but she's not a Democrat. In 2012 she endorsed Roseanne Barr,[4] (yeah, that Roseanne, the one with the TV show) who lost the presidential nomination of the Green Party ticket. It's hard to say if the young actress stayed with the Greens or moved her support to California's Peace and Freedom party, which nominated Barr to its presidential ticket.[5] But either way, we can assume that McCurdy is liberal enough to be left of the Democrats.

That doesn't mean that she's immune to the charms of the Obamas though. When the first lady guest-starred on her TV show, iCarly, McCurdy was starstruck. She was impressed with Michelle Obama's fashion sense and arm muscles, among other things.

She just has this great attitude and was really easy-going. . . . It was awesome to get to spend the day with Mrs. Obama.[6]

I suppose that isn't exactly an endorsement of the president's record in the White House, but McCurdy isn't one to get all that deep into politics. When asked what she would do if she were president, she decided to go with a diplomatic answer–something all of us can get behind, right?

I'd do free admission to amusement parks. Yeah. Everybody gets in free.[7]

Well, maybe she should leave those kind of decisions to people who have a better grasp of economics.

She might not be handing out free roller coaster tickets any time soon, but McCurdy does do her part to make the world a better place. In line with her Green party endorsement, she supports causes like fighting climate change and ending the use of child soldiers.[8]

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