Katherine Webb

The Religion and Political Views of Katherine Webb



Katherine Webb is a devout Christian.

Political Views

She is non-political.


Katherine Webb was born in Montgomery, Alabama and grew up in Phenix City, Alabama just outside Columbus, Georgia.

Webb is a devout Christian, although I couldn't place which denomination. Regardless, she is completely dedicated to the teachings of Jesus and living the Christian life. Before her big catapult into fame, Webb spoke to a local newspaper about her life goals after being crowed Miss Alabama USA. She said,

The best part about [being Miss Alabama USA] is that I will be able to show who I really am and just love and care for everyone just like Jesus does. At the end of the day I am just a girl from Phenix City, Ala., with a crown and a sash, but through Christ, I am a representative for him and what being a Christian really means.[1]

In numerous interviews since their daughter gained national celebrity status, Webb's parents have expounded on their daughter's faith, saying she was devout from a young age.[2] Her father claimed it was Webb's devotion to Christianity that carried her through her struggle with vitiligo, a disease that causes depigmentation of the skin.[3]

If you want a more personal window into Webb's religious outlook, you could always check out her Twitter page, where her bio is "Miss AL USA 2012. Matthew 5:16." You'll find plenty of inspirational Christian retweets there. In the meantime, if you can help us out with a denomination, let us know in the comments. Thanks, readers.

Flattering, Offensive, or Lucrative?

The only information I could find in any search on Katherine Webb's political beliefs had to do with how many calories she eats in a day or whether or not she should have been offended when an ESPN announcer talked for a little bit too long about how attractive she is. And speaking of that last point, she did get the blogosphere heated up about whether or not that incident was offensive to women.[4]

As far as Webb herself, she didn't take offense.[5] In fact, it got her a few high profile gigs, like a modeling job for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, so I'm sure she's not too bummed.

When it comes to partisan politics, however, she's as silent as a church mouse. Alabama is consistently a red state,[6] so one could assume she's a Republican. But it would all be assumptions. I think it's safer to assume she's as non-political as they come.

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