Keeley Hazell

The Religion and Political Views of Keeley Hazell



Hazell might be a Catholic, but there's not enough evidence to call it.

Political Views

Hazell is a liberal, who uses her sex appeal to advance her pet causes.


Keeley Hazell was born and raised in London, England.

The only clue as to Hazell's religion comes from her MySpace page, on which she is listed as a Catholic.[1] But other than her doing the classic sexy Catholic schoolgirl photo shoot,[2] (clearly inconsequential) I can't really find anything from her to corroborate the evidence.

Of course, her sex-soaked calenders,[3] quotes[4] and general aura have garnered comments that she is a gift from God,[5] but I think she's the unwilling deity in this case and it does not indicate any sort of belief on her part. Keep us updated in the comments if anything spiritual comes from Hazell, will you?

Quite literally sex and politics

Hazell is certainly a liberal–at least when it comes to environmentalism and animals. Not surprisingly, all her politics are wrapped in a sexy package. Perhaps she'll be able to make more of a difference than all of Britain's stuffy, suit-wearing, prudish politicians put together.

For example, she posed nude for an anti-fur PETA campaign,[6] saying:

Once you learn how the fur trade treats animals, it's impossible to think of wearing fur as sexy or glamorous. I believe that killing animals for vanity is wrong.[7]

And when it comes to the environment, perhaps Hazell's most memorable contribution came amidst a semi-nude magazine spread in which Hazell gave recommendations on how to help mother nature. For example, she advocated for turning the lights off during sexy time, because it not only saves energy, but "turning off lights can be a big turn-on."[8] Or my favorite:

I insist my sexy pics are taken by digital camera, so invest in one. Film processing and developing uses toxic chemicals.[9]

Her efforts have granted her special recognition from British Prime Minister David Cameron, who added Hazell to a list of 2006's "green heroes," though many thought it was a PR stunt to modernize the Conservative Party's stuffy image.[10]

However, I don't imagine Hazell cares much. She seems to be fully aware of her sex symbol status, and has no problem with it. Why not use it to advance a cause she's passionate about?

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