Cheryl Cole

The Religion and Political Views of Cheryl Cole



Cole is thoroughly confused when it comes to religion.

Political Views

Cole is a staunch liberal and Labour Party supporter, unless they want to raise taxes on pastries that is.


Cheryl Cole was born in Newcastle, England and grew up in Heaton, England.

For the time being, Cole seems to be on the fence regarding religion. It is unclear what her childhood faith was, if there was one (though it's reasonable to speculate that she has some Anglican tradition in her family, being from England and all), but due to the "worst year ever,"[1] it appears Cole is in the market for God–or gods.

Cole suffered a nasty bout of malaria in 2010, just as she was going through a painful, infidelity-inspired divorce. The double whammy got Cole thinking. A friend (unnamed of course) said:

Cheryl has awakened her spiritual side. She has been tapping into higher powers for answers and guidance. She's been doing some deep thinking – especially after malaria. Christianity is closest to her, but she's open to other religious influences.[2]

A good friend of Cole's, X-Factor dancer Derek Hough, is a Mormon and Cole has been spotted wearing Hindu trinkets,[3] so it's hard to say which way she went, but apparently she woke up one day and wanted a healthy dose of religion.

My guess is she looked at her big pile of money one day after feeling a bit better and said: Ahh.. screw it.

True colors

Cole has shown herself repeatedly to be socially liberal. Strangely, she's exhibited some fiscal conservative tendencies as well. But we'll get to that shortly.

Cole has come out strong in support of gay marriage in her home country of England, saying:

Marriage is far more than a man and a woman…and whether you're gay or straight or whatever, if makes no difference to being married. What marriage stands for is that you love that person..It's crazy. I don't even understand why it's even a big deal.[4]

Plus, she got real mad at X-Factor co-host Simon Cowell for backing the British Conservative Party and their pretty-boy frontman, David Cameron (who, by the way, promised to lower taxes on Britain's wealthiest–including Mr. Cowell of course). Cole expressed the need to stick with her "working class roots" and back the Labour Party.[5]

But just like her buddy Cowell, Cole strongly objected to a proposal to add new taxes to her favorite childhood pastry in 2012.[6] She pointed out that poor hungry Brits might not be able to afford the tasty treat if there were new taxes on them. But what she didn't take into account is that her beloved Labour Party would have used the revenues to feed the poor, definitely not to line their pockets. No, never.

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