The Religion and Political Views of Kimbra



Kimbra's spiritual journey is an eclectic, intellectual one pulling in many different faith traditions.

Political Views

She's not politically active yet, but supports eco-friendly products and sustainability as a way to empower impoverished communities.


Kimbra, whose last name is Johnson, was born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Kimbra's spirituality is an intellectual journey–one she admits she is in the process of defining. She grew up going to church, although she's so busy she says she doesn't have time for it anymore.[1] It's unclear what the denomination was, but it almost seems beside the point with Kimbra.

At one point she was reading a book by a Presbyterian minister; she listens to podcasts of theology lectures; she has plans to study Hebrew and Jewish theology; she's very interested in Buddhism and Taoism; and finally, as she added in one interview, "At the moment, I'm really interested in Christian mysticism."[2] She sounds like a good fit for the Unitarian Universalist church to me.

Her eclectic spiritual outlook is apparent in her songwriting. In her song "Posse" she talks about how psalms speak to her and then later compares a relationship to yin and yang.[3] And in one verse of the song "With My Hands" she mentions resurrection, salvation, and reincarnation.[4]

She said she "just couldn't live" with knowing there was no higher power or purpose. And it seems she plans to continue to redefine and explore her spirituality throughout her life:

There's a classic quote, that faith is not a destination, it's a journey. It's not a place you come to and stop – it's following that yearning every day and still exploring it.[5]

A budding liberal?

Kimbra's political journey seems not to have particularly started yet. I couldn't find an indication that's she's interested in partisan politics. But, she's definitely interested in sustainability and environmentalism, and how that can help struggling communities.

She tweeted about a New Zealand company that makes eco-friendly beauty products and apparel, with a focus on ethical business practices.[6] And she's involved with the non-profit organization, So They Can, which helps impoverished communities in Kenya through education, micro-finance, and sustainable farming practices.[7]

So does that make her liberal? Well, maybe not in New Zealand, but probably in the States. Regardless, I think it's a pretty good bet that's how she leans. It's possible as this young woman continues her career we'll hear more from her regarding the political scene. If you have any updates for us, let us know in the comments.

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