Kourtney Mary Kardashian was born in Mill Valley, California and grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Kourtney graduated from the Roman Catholic, all-girls Marymount High School where she took religion and theology courses with titles like: “Who is Jesus?,” “Morality,” and “Christian Life and Love.”1 But she continued on to attend a Methodist university.2

The Kardashian’s father is an Armenian-American and his daughters were exposed to that culture’s dominant religion–Armenian Orthodox Christianity. Apparently, they give 10% of their money to the church to this day.3 That is, except Kourtney.

When she and Kim were asked if they donate money, Kim said that she gives 10% to a charity and also gives money to her church because that’s what she was taught. When Kourtney was asked if she donates 10% as well, she said:

I’m going to now, I was taught that too but I forgot about it.4

That was probably awkward, but don’t go thinking Kourtney is totally non-religious. In a much-publicized surprise pregnancy, Kourtney was considering an abortion (as strange as it may be that the press picked up on this). She decided against the procedure, saying:

I can’t do that. And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life.5

So whatever Kourtney’s religion might be–Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, or Methodist–it was a powerful enough force in her life to sway her in a major life decision.


Kardashian hasn’t gotten very deep into any political territory, but if we can trust her sister, Kim, then she’s a Democrat. Kim once said:

My household is really split-up. The parents are Republicans and the children are Democrats, so it’s like a political warfare in our household when we talk about politics.6

She goes on to mention Kourtney by name, so I’d say that’s a pretty reliable source. Plus, it’s no stretch to assume Kourtney is Democrat considering she and her sisters joined up with the NOH8 campaign to overturn California’s anti-gay marriage law Prop 8,7 a conservative Republican-sponsored bill. Regardless of the Kardashians’ considerable political clout, however, the bill was passed into law.8

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