Kris Humphries

The Religion and Political Views of Kris Humphries



Humphries is an evangelical Christian.

Political Views

He's non-political.


Kris Humphries was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Humphries is an evangelical Christian. He comes from a religious family–his mother said their "faith in God" carried them through the disastrous Kardashian wedding media extravaganza and subsequent divorce filing.[1]

And speaking of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, it was his family's hometown pastor who presided over the religious ceremony. He said that "the couple requested a God-honoring, Christ-centered ceremony."[2] Regardless of the couple's intention, it only took 72 days for the marriage to fall apart, but the idea of a divorce didn't sit well with Humphries and his devotion to God. According to one source, the basketball star wanted the marriage to end in annulment rather than divorce for religious reasons.[3]

I wish I had anything other than his Kardashian wedding to go on with his faith, but that seems to be the only reason anyone has interviewed him since he became involved with the reality TV family. No matter how many baskets you score or rebounds you catch, it's hard to outshine the Kardashians.

Caring enough to turn on the TV

Humphries doesn't appear to pay any attention to politics. Maybe he considers himself a Republican because he's opposed to tax hikes on the rich. After all, who could blame him for wanting to hang onto as much of his $8 million net worth as possible.[4] Or maybe he's a Democrat and feels a kindred spirit in Obama since they're both mixed-race celebrities with white moms and black dads.[5] But this is all conjecture.

We do know that Humphries will have intimate experience with the workings of the justice system in the U.S. after this whole Kardashian annulment or divorce thing concludes.[6] And we know that he cared enough about the presidential election in 2012 to turn on the TV to see who won.[7]

But despite all this speculation, I think it's safe to stick with the non-political label for Kris Humphries.

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