Kevin Durant

The Religion and Political Views of Kevin Durant



Durant is a devout Christian.

Political Views

Durant has stayed out of politics, except for when he once met Barack Obama.


Kevin Durant was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area.

Durant is one of basketball and even professional sports' most devout Christians. Durant attended a Christian school growing up and even now, amidst the fortune and fame, regularly attends church services before games.[1] Durant carries a Bible in a backpack to his post-game interviews, and thanks God for his blessings as a star basketball player–even when he loses.[2]

Durant credits his faith and humility to his mother and various other spiritual "coaches" and says things like:

I've got a long way to go to become closer to the Lord but hopefully I can continue to stay on the path. I might take a few steps forward and take a couple steps back and take some steps forward, but I want to get better.[3]

Bro Hug Politics

Durant isn't too political. Maybe his overwhelming humility prevents him from taking a stand on anything. More often than not, being a hardcore Christian pits people against the socially liberal policies of the left (gay marriage, abortion, etc.), though Durant hasn't said anything about these issues. On the other hand, being a black American almost requires you to support Barack Obama.

And Durant and Obama sure looked chummy during a White House basketball court meeting, where they shared a bro hug. Check out the video. Durant said of the meeting:

It was a good feeling to meet the president. Of course I always wanted to do that. Me being from D.C., it was pretty cool to see him. I was excited to get that opportunity. It's something I'm always going to remember.[4]

Still, that doesn't indicate anything except that Durant doesn't despise Obama for his policies.

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