Lara Fabian

The Religion and Political Views of Lara Fabian



Fabian seems non-religious, though her heritage is more than likely Catholic.

Political Views

Fabian is a liberal, even calling all of Europe "conservative."


Lara Fabian, real name Lara Crokaert, was born in Etterbeek, Belgium and grew up in Catania, Sicily, Italy and Brussels, Belgium.

Fabian doesn't appear to be outwardly religious, or even religious at all. Her mother is Sicilian and her father is Flemish[1] –an ethnic group native to Eastern Belgium. Both of these ethnicities are overwhelmingly Catholic,[2] so it's reasonable to assume that Fabian is, at least in heritage, a Catholic.

She has expressed sympathy for the plight of Israelis, even singing in Hebrew. Her sypathies, however, have cost her fans and money in Lebanon where she was banned from performing,[3] though this may be better fodder for the politics section and doesn't necessarily indicate any sort of religious worldview. Nevertheless… moving on!

Conservative Europe and gay marriage

Fabian is of Belgian/Flemmish-Italian descent and holds citizenship in Canada. She speaks French, Italian, Spanish and English.[4] If anyone was a candidate for the "meta-political" tag, it would be Fabian. People in her situation might be more prone to eschewing nationalism and local politics for a broader view. However, other than calling all of Europe "conservative,"[5] (a strange label for arguably the most socially and economically liberal continent on Earth) Fabian hasn't spoken much to global social or political issues.

She does have a soft spot in her heart for the issue of gay marriage. She has released two songs, "Le Difference" and "Deux ils, deux elles," in support of the institution[6] –which interestingly was passed in France in May of 2013.[7]

I suppose this makes her a social liberal. However, if any of you Fabian fans out there have anything else to add to the discussion, don't hesitate to comment.

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