Taylor Momsen

The Religion and Political Views of Taylor Momsen



Momsen is a lapsed Catholic.

Political Views

Momsen is totally non-political.


Taylor Momsen was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in New York City.

Momsen was raised a Catholic, but let's just say she's probably not Catholic anymore. In fact, she has no trouble at all cracking crude jokes at the church's expense and, taking it a step further, totally blasting Catholic policies and beliefs. On a radio show in New Zealand, Momsen said:

I was raised Catholic. I fucked a priest once–I'm just kidding.[1]

All joking aside, (Momsen has self-identified as "out of my fucking mind."[2] ) Momsen may have been taking a back-handed stab at allegations regarding Catholic priests molesting little boys. She has formally addressed that issue, as well as the Catholic Church's stance on masturbation, saying:

[My Song "Goin' Down"] was kind of a fuck you to all the molestation going on. It was just insane. I'm not a whore for masturbating, so fuck you if you want to call me one. I think women should equally be allowed to pleasure themselves as much as men.[3]

Not a fan of the Catholic Church, fine. But does that make her an atheist? Momsen says no, but again it's ambiguous and confusing:

I'm not an atheist, because I believe that I know nothing. But I also don't believe in anything, either… So… you don't want to know what I think, I've got a fucked up brain.[4]

Fair enough, we'll leave it at that. As a side-note, when Momsen was asked if she believes in life after death, she replied:

I believe in death after life.[5]

At first interpretation, one could think it means she believes you live, you die and that's it, or everybody dies? On second interpretation, it could be thought of as an attempt at being profound by a 17 year-old who thinks rather highly of herself. You be the judge.

Politics or just blatant disregard for rule of law?

Momsen is too young to (as of the writing of this article) have participated in any elections in the U.S. And considering her penchant for saying outrageous things, it's surprising that she hasn't really made any explicit political comments despite her age.

However, she does seem to really want to push the limits of socially-accepted sexual convention, flashing crowds at her rock shows at the age of 17[6] and thumbing her nose at fathers of young girls that might look up to the singer's risque outfits.[7]

But hey, Momsen fans, let us know if she runs for office or endorses the Libertarian Party or something like that in 2016.

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