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The Religion and Political Views of LeAnn Rimes



LeAnn Rimes is a Christian, probably non-denominational.

Political Views

Despite Republican rumors, she appears to be socially liberal.

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LeAnn Rimes, who added the surname Cibrian after getting married, was born in Jackson, Mississippi and raised mostly in Garland, Texas.

Rimes is really into God, especially that whole forgiveness part. After the tabloid-exposed affair she had with a married man while married herself, and the angry outcry that followed from her fans,[1] that’s pretty understandable.

She’s a Christian, seemingly of the non-denominational sort. Or, I should say, the only church I could find that she attended was the Kardashian non-denominational Life Change Community Church[2] (now the California Community Church) which is all about forgiveness and second chances.[3]

She’s also all over Twitter about God. After the elementary school shooting in Connecticut in 2012 that left many Americans doing some soul-searching, Rimes tweeted,

One day, I hope to ask God “why?”[4]

But she also retweets more upbeat, inspirational quotes from others. Here’s one about forgiveness:

God’s grace can impact anyone, no sin is beyond the reach of His forgiveness.[5]

Whether she turned to God after the affair, or if she felt connected to Him all along, I can’t be sure. But it certainly seems to be a driving force these days.

It’s not politics, it’s a job

Most people think Rimes is a Republican,[6] but I’m not buying it. She did perform at a Republican fundraiser in 2011, which incidentally netted only $650 (of the $200,000+ raised at the event, Rimes and her entourage were paid $155,000).[7]

But when someone asked her on Twitter why she played the event, she said her decision to play wasn’t a political one:

It’s a job! I’m entertainment, not making a political stance.[8]

Then she went on to say that she has also played at events for Democrats, and she didn’t think celebrities should influence fans’ political views.[9]

And in fact, the only political issue she seems readily willing to discuss, is gay rights. She supports gay marriage,[10] and she’s very involved in LGBT organizations. She participated in the NoH8 campaign, which aims to promote gay rights issues through photographs of celebrities who support the cause. And she recorded a video for the It Gets Better campaign, which hopes to combat teen suicide rates through personal testimonies recorded by celebrities stating that things get better in adulthood.[11]

Talking about why she’s interested in LGBT issues, she said,

I believe in equality. Everybody should be treated exactly the same way no matter what their race, no matter what their sexuality.[12]

From all that, I’m going to assume that Rimes is mostly liberal, on social issues anyway. But, she’s also not opposed to entertaining either side for a paycheck.

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