Lexi Belle

The Religion and Political Views of Lexi Belle


Lexi Belle was born in Independence, Louisiana and grew up there, in McComb, Mississippi, and in Burbank, California.

We don't know much about Lexi Belle's religious beliefs. I could imagine that it would be hard to reconcile most mainstream religions to the life of a porn star, but it certainly takes all kinds.

We know that she's not Jewish because she made a comment about how Adam Sandler wouldn't want to "hook up" with her because she doesn't share his faith.[1]

It seems like she has a little bit of a Christian background because she said that the reason she did not have anal sex on screen was that she was saving her asshole for Jesus.[2] I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that she doesn't really believe that she and Jesus are going to be getting it on in heaven. So I think the jury's still out on this porn star's religion.

Lexi doesn't give us too many clues about her political leanings either, but I'm going to go with liberal. As a bisexual woman,[3] she understandably has a stake in the same-sex marriage debate. When asked the first thing she would do if she were President of the U.S., she said,

Legalize gay marriage![4]

But that's about all we have to go on for Lexi so far. If you have any insight for us, please feel free to let us know in the comments!

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