Liam Payne

The Religion and Political Views of Liam Payne



Payne is a white boy from the middle of England, so he's probably got roots in the Church of England.

Political Views

Payne is young and famous. It almost goes without saying that he's, socially at least, a liberal.


Liam Payne was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

Payne makes no mention of his religious or political views, but we can certainly make some assumptions, right?

First off, 86.4% of the residents of Wolverhampton are Christians.[1] The vast majority of those who are not Christians are not white. Liam Payne is white. It, then, stands to reason that Payne is, at least in terms of his family history, a Christian. But what kind of Christian might be the next question.

The vast majority of English Christians are technically Anglicans–The Church of England. However, a recent British poll found that, while nearly 72% of Britons said they are Christians, almost 51% admit that they are non-religious or don't go to church.[2]

Furthermore, calculations made by the Church of England show that, of the nearly 43 million members, only slightly more than 1 million attend church every week.[3]

So, based on the numbers, it is more than likely that Liam Payne would, if forced to, identify with the Anglican Church but probably didn't grow up in a devout family.

Political conjectures

Regarding the political views of Mr. Liam Payne, one can only speculate. But he's a young man and young people tend to be liberal. He's in a boy band, so at some point, he or one of his mates will come out as gay, and they'll be obliged to accept him. Refer to The Backstreet Boys,[4] N'Sync,[5] or New Kids on the Block.[6]

So, as a celebrity, it's almost required that one is liberal. But he has expressed an attraction to America's darling of the religious right, Miley Cyrus.[7] But Cyrus really only pretends to be conservative. Her record of pot-smoking and environmentalism indicate otherwise.

So, that settles it, I suppose. Payne is probably a liberal and, being British, that would align him with either the Liberal Democrats or the Labour Party. But these One Direction boys are young and they might surprise us–or fade into obscurity like industry-driven pop stars often do once the alcoholism, drug addiction and age set in.

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