Pixie Lott

The Religion and Political Views of Pixie Lott



Pixie Lott is most likely a member of the Church of England.

Political Views

Lott is socially liberal.


Victoria "Pixie" Lott was born in Bromley, England, a suburb of London. She grew up in several London suburbs until age 13 when she moved to Brentwood, England with her family.

Lott doesn't talk about religion to the press, but it doesn't seem like anyone's asking her either. She went to a church school growing up where she sang "loads of hymns,"[1] although the article doesn't state which denomination.

She had her 21st birthday party at an Anglican church,[2] so assuming it wasn't just a convenient venue, I think it's a good bet she associates with the Church of England. She's also been known to wear a cross necklace from time to time,[3] which makes me think she takes her religion a little more seriously than it would seem at first glance.

Focus on the Youth

Lott appears to be liberal with the limited amount of information we have on the young pop star. She performed at Manchester's gay pride celebration in 2011, and she said this about the event:

I think it's really important because it's an event where everyone just feels that they can be themselves and celebrate their individuality and it doesn't matter what race you are, what sexuality you are or whatever.[4]

She also joined with Mark Durkan, a Social Democratic and Labour Party Northern Ireland politician to help screen young people for heart conditions. The charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young, aims to prevent sudden deaths especially among young athletes.[5]

Lott is happy to endorse a Conservative's plan if it suits her though. In response to the riots in London in 2011, she supported David Cameron's call for teenage participation in the National Citizen Service. She said she thinks teenagers need encouragement and support to reach their potentials and keep them out of trouble, and the program could be exactly what they need.[6]

At the end of the day, however, I suspect that Lott will give her vote to the left.

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