Louis Tomlinson

The Religion and Political Views of Louis Tomlinson


Louis Tomlinson, whose given name was Louis Troy Austin, was born in Doncaster, England.

Tomlinson hasn't spoken about his religion. There is some disagreement among fan sites and question & answer forums. Some say he's a Buddhist[1] and others are convinced he's a Christian.[2]

My best guess is that Tomlinson is among the throngs of Brits who would say they're Anglican but don't go to church or care much for religion.


Again, Tomlinson hasn't made any political statements or taken a stand on any issues. One wonders if these One Direction boys' heads are filled with anything but fame and girls. Speaking of girls, the only connection to politics Tomlinson might have is through his girlfriend, who studies sociology and politics at Manchester University.[3]

He's young, likes to party and probably hasn't given much thought to social or economic issues, which makes him a default liberal, I'd say–but only because he's young and in a boy band and, as I mentioned in the Liam Payne article, he'll have to accept one of his gay bandmates sometime.

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